2018 in Film: Miscellaneous Important Data

Based on my own research. Films included only if they played theatrically. Corrections and additions are welcome (@ me). For comparison’s sake, here’s the 2017 edition.


Total wide releases (600+ theaters):


Sequels, prequels, remakes, reboots, and franchises:


Based on novels, stories, legends, or video games:


Based on a true story (BOATS):


Wholly original, not based on anything:



3: Fahrenheit 9/11; Death of a Nation; Won’t You Be My Neighbor?



Christian wide releases:

Forever My Girl; Paul, Apostle of Christ; Samson; Unbroken: Path to Redemption; God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness

Wide releases with colons in their titles:


Wide releases directed by women:

10 (including one co-directed by a man)

Wide releases directed by Clint Eastwood:


Longest wide release title:

Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer

Shortest wide release title:

(tie) Tag, Kin

Longest wide release:

Avengers: Infinity War (149 minutes)

Shortest wide release:

(tie) Sgt. Stubby: An American HeroAction Point (84 minutes)

Female titles:

AvaColetteAlanisBarbaraNancyMandyHannahJosieLizzieNellyJane and EmmaRoxanne RoxanneThe Possession of Hannah GraceThe Vanishing of Sidney HallAnna and the ApocalypseAll About NinaElizabeth HarvestOh Lucy!Killer Kate!Claire’s CameraClara’s GhostStella’s Last WeekendProud MaryMary Queen of ScotsMary Poppins ReturnsMary ShelleyMary and the Witch’s FlowerForever My GirlGirl in the Spider’s WebMamma Mia! Here We Go AgainThe NunThe WifeLittle WomenWidowsDamselMiss DaliMiss GrannyMadameDamsel

Male titles:

Early ManFirst ManSlender ManBlackKklansmanAquamanGuilty MenAn Ordinary ManPadmanAnt-Man and the WaspSpider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseThe Old Man & the GunSpinning ManWelcome to the Men’s GroupWhat a Man WantsWhite Boy RickThe Wild BoysBeautiful BoyBoy ErasedBilly BoyBillionaire Boys ClubPoor BoyThe Sisters BrothersWinter BrothersBrother of the YearBrotherly LoveBrothers of the WindPeter RabbitSamsonLove, SimonSherlock GnomesPaul, Apostle of ChristUncle DrewChristopher RobinBen Is BackRalph Breaks the InternetRobin HoodThe House That Jack BuiltA Kid Like JakeTyrel

Couples titles:

Mom and DadFrank and AvaRay Meets HelenSid & Aya: Not a Love StoryUs and ThemBernard and Huey; Stan & Ollie; Holmes & Watson

Movies about dogs or dog-like things:

Dog DaysIsle of DogsShow DogsSgt. Stubby: An American HeroAlphaA.X.L.

Movies that sound like they’re about animals but aren’t:

Black PantherRed SparrowThe MuleBumblebee; Bird Box; The Yellow BirdsAnt-Man and the WaspSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse; We the Animals; American Animals; Wildlife

Summer movies:

Summer of 84Summer of 67Summer 1993Summer 03Age of SummerAll Summers EndHot Summer NightsA Midsummer Night’s Dream

Nighttime movies:

Night SchoolNight Comes OnGame NightThe Strangers: Prey at NightMidnight SunThe Midnight ManMidnightersThe Night Eats the World

Movies that tell you what not to do:

Leave No TraceDon’t GoDon’t Leave HomeDon’t Talk to IreneDon’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on FootNever Look Away

Movies that were trying to confuse us:

Incredibles 2IndivisibleInsidious: The Last Key
Unsane; Unbroken: Road to Redemption; Unfriended: Dark Web
Boy ErasedBeautiful BoyBeautifully Broken
The Wild BoysWildlifeWildling

Movies based on true stories that end with photos or film of the real people they’re about:

12 StrongWinchesterThe 15:17 to Paris7 Days in EntebbeA Stupid and Futile GestureThe Polka KingThe TaleAmerican AnimalsPadmanI Can Only ImagineAdriftTagBlackKklansmanPapillonWhite Boy Rick (voice only); Boy ErasedOperation FinaleJane and EmmaInstant FamilyBohemian RhapsodyGreen BookOn the Basis of Sex;Welcome to Marwen; Stan & Ollie; The Miracle Season 

Movies whose titles are never referenced or explained within the movies themselves:

White RabbitNight Comes OnFifty Shades Freed; DestroyerNobody’s FoolRomaPeppermint*

*The little girl orders peppermint ice cream before being killed, but it’s never mentioned again, and her dad got ice cream at the same time and was also killed but the movie isn’t named after the flavor he chose.

Movies about young people with superpowers:

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse; The Darkest Minds; A Wrinkle in Time; Incredibles 2; The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Movies about real-life art thefts that were perpetrated by college-aged numbskulls rather than criminal masterminds:

American AnimalsMuseo

Movies about heists where the idea is to steal decommissioned cash from a federal building before it’s shredded:

Den of ThievesThe Hurricane Heist

Movies in which parking valets use their access to the private information in people’s cars to burglarize their homes:

Bad SamaritanDeath Wish

Movies in which people assume that they can get away with crimes because they’re part of a demographic that police tend to overlook:

WidowsOcean’s Eight (they’re women); The Old Man and the GunThe Mule (they’re old white guys)

Movies about girls going in search of their missing scientist fathers:

A Wrinkle in TimeTomb Raider

Movies in which multiple random people are temporarily possessed by a wandering spirit:

Every DayTruth or Dare

Movies with Lizzo’s “Good As Hell”:

BlockersI Feel Pretty

Movies in which Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” plays while the girls head out to have fun:

TullyLife of the Party

Movies in which people are held captive in highly secured homes with high-tech surveillance:

Bad SamaritanBreaking In

Movies that begin with fleeting images of a horse in distress:

ThoroughbredsBad SamaritanThe Rider; The Sisters Brothers

Movies in which a main character’s mother has cognitive issues that require supervision:

On Chesil BeachHearts Beat Loud; What We Had

Movies about bros who like to prank each other, and a bear is involved:

Super Troopers 2Action Point

Fact-based movies about aquatic misadventures:

AdriftThe MercyChappaquiddick

Movies in which game night turns deadly:

Game NightUnfriended: Dark Web

Movies in which characters play Cards Against Humanity:

Unfriended: Dark WebTales from the Hood 2

Movies that explicitly rip on the Green Lantern movie:

Deadpool 2Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

Movies about racism in which freestyle rap plays a significant role:


Movies about racism where the plot hinges on a black man using his “white voice” on the phone:

Sorry to Bother YouBlackKklansman

Movies in which minorities worry they will be shot by police during a traffic stop or in which such a shooting occurs:

The Hate U Give; WidowsBlindspottingThe MuleMonsters and MenRiver Runs Red

Horror movies in which youths use someone else’s laptop and get into trouble by messaging with one of that person’s contacts:

Unfriended: Dark WebSlender Man

Movies in which someone befriends a doglike creature that isn’t a dog:

Alpha (wolf); A.X.L. (robot dog); The Predator (alien space dog); Bumblebee (alien robot)

Movies in which a kid finds a potentially dangerous robot/weapon that becomes a sort of pet and defender while being chased by the military:

A.X.L.Bumblebee; Kin

Horror movies in which a woman is stalked in a bathroom stall by a silent killer:

HalloweenHell FestThe Possession of Hannah Grace

Musicals whose title songs include the words “mama mia”:

Mamma Mia! Here We Go AgainBohemian Rhapsody

Movies featuring submarine rescues:

The MegHunter KillerAquaman

Movies that reference the “Dark Web”:

CamUnfriended: Dark WebRalph Breaks the Internet

Movies in which school shootings are referenced or depicted:

Eighth GradeVox Lux

Movies with scenes at a support group of some kind:

HereditaryInstant FamilyNobody’s FoolBen Is BackBoy ErasedBeautiful BoyThe Miseducation of Cameron PostA Star Is BornDon’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on FootTag

Movies that take place on, or have plots driven by, the internet:

Cam; Ralph Breaks the Internet; Searching; Assassination Nation; Ready Player One; Unfriended: Dark Web

Movies with dead mothers:

SearchingMary Poppins ReturnsEighth GradeLeave No TraceThe RiderHereditary

Miserable biopics about miserable artists at the end of their miserable lives:

The Happy Prince (Oscar Wilde); At Eternity’s Gate (Vincent Van Gogh)

Movies in which the mating habits of seahorses are discussed:

Leave No TraceSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (not Aquaman, surprisingly)

Movies in which Michael B. Jordan fights the son of the man who killed his father:

Black PantherCreed II

Movies in which Nicole Kidman is the mother of a statistically unusual son:

Boy Erased (son is gay); Aquaman (son is Aquaman)

Sequel/remakes that don’t add to the originals’ legacies but don’t detract from them either, in which Angela Lansbury has a brief appearance as a character who didn’t need to be in the movie at all and definitely didn’t need to be played by Angela Lansbury:

The GrinchMary Poppins Returns

Movies in which Ben Mendelsohn is the ruler of a dystopian society destroyed by income inequality:

Ready Player OneRobin Hood

Movies in which Henry Golding feels forced to choose between his mother and his female partner (and in which his partner dramatically gets a prized emerald ring from his mother — h/t @DanaSchwartzzz):

Crazy Rich AsiansA Simple Favor

Halloween movies in which Jack Black is a weird recluse responsible for magic-fueled mayhem in a small town:

The House with a Clock in Its WallsGoosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

Movies called Somebody & Somebody in which John C. Reilly plays the second Somebody:

Holmes & Watson; Stan & Ollie

Movies co-starring John C. Reilly that aren’t musicals but have one musical number co-written by Alan Menken:

Ralph Breaks the Internet; Holmes & Watson

Movies by first-time writer-directors that premiered at Sundance and were released by A24 in which one of the most terrifying scenes involves a girl squirming in the backseat of a car driven by a teenage boy:

Eighth Grade; Hereditary  (h/t @jordanzadler)

Movies in which a family holds hands to say grace before a meal and a woman gives birth in a bathtub:

A Quiet Place; If Beale Street Could Talk (h/t/ @ThatAdamPalmer)

Movies written and directed by men named Drew that take place at stylized hotels in a distant time period, where violence erupts between some of the guests:

Hotel Artemis; Bad Times at the El Royale (h/t @TorYHarbin)

Movies in which a woman administers a desultory hand-job:

The FavouriteDestroyer

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