The Underworld Movies: What Is the Deal with Them?

It’s a common problem. In fact, it happened to so many of you just last weekend. A quiet moment at a particularly raucous New Year’s Eve party created the perfect occasion for that familiar conversation. Your best friend rhetorically jabs: “So we’re all in agreement that Rise of the Lycans is the worst Underworld movie, […]

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Under Further Review: The Great Alone

Last week, I had the good fortune to catch Mad Max: Fury Road. I came into the theater expecting an incredible odyssey through a fantastical, apocalyptic environment (those hopes were completely met). I had no reason, however, to anticipate the realization that would hit me several days later: Fury Road is a perfect primer for […]

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Under Further Review: Back on Board

The documentary genre tends to be at its best when someone with an extraordinary mind is at the center of things. If a film immerses me in the life of an oddball artist, a forward-thinking genius, or a narcissistic conman, I’ll have a hard time resisting its pull. For better or worse, Greg Louganis is none […]

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