Don’t Forget! 2019 Edition

We had some of our regular contributors suggest movies from this year that flew under the radar or aren’t getting enough end-of-the-year attention. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Climax [Craig J. Clark]

The Death of Dick Long [Bill Bria]

Fast Color [Josh Bell]

Freaks [Audrey Fox]

Happy Death Day 2U [Joseph Allen]

Jawline [Marshall Shaffer]

Los Reyes [Marshall Shaffer]

One Cut of the Dead [Zach Vasquez]

Plus One [Audrey Fox]

Ready or Not [Joseph Allen]

Sweetheart [Josh Bell]

Under the Silver Lake [Craig J. Clark]

Villains [Bill Bria]

Eric D. Snider has been a film critic since 1999, first for newspapers (when those were a thing) and then for the internet. He was born and raised in Southern California, lived in Utah in his 20s, then Portland, now Utah again. He is glad to meet you, probably.

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